Automatic Pool Cleaners (APC)

The ultimate hose for suction-side automatic pool cleaners: modular 1 meter sections easily connect, allowing you to customize the length to suit your needs

What makes Rowin APC pool hoses so unique?

Tailor-made APC section hose

Tailor-made hose specifically designed for every suction side automatic pool cleaner for best performance

  • Crush resistant, even at warm temperatures
  • Very flexible, even at low temperatures
  • Wear and abrasion resistant
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Small bending radius and good kink resistance

Tailor-made APC Leader hose

  • Special hose section between the automatic cleaner and the rest of the vacuum hose.
  • Typically designed per cleaner to improve the random movement. (Conical or super flexible hose)

Universal APC replacement hose

  • 1-meter section hose with M/F connectors

  • Works well with any APC

  • Suitable for after sales replacement hose

It’s easy to customize the length with modular 1-meter sections. Choose from extensive design possibilities to meet your specific requirements. 

The first section is specially designed and very flexible to ensure unrestrained movement of the Automatic Pool Cleaner. 
(Conical or super flexible hose)

  • No weld or glue
  • Hot formed
  • No built-in stress
  • Better flow and increased cleaning power
  • Chemical resistant
  • Longer lifetime
  • Protected from sun damage through UV stabilization
  • For easy cleaning

Rowin Plastics hoses are 100% “made in Belgium” and follow strict quality and environmental standards.

Material Density<1: floats on water
Diameter38 mm (1 ½”)
Lenghts1m with male and female fitting welded on
Standard ColoursWhite
PackagingBox with 12 sections (M/F)
Sunlight ProtectionUV-stabilisation
ApplicationSwimming pools & ponds